• We know that the mental and emotional health of boys and girls is fundamental to their present and future well-being, which is why at Psikeduca we want to give it the importance it deserves.


  • We work closely with the child and their family, individualizing the treatment as much as possible.


  • We firmly believe that establishing a close relationship of trust and connection with each child and their family is essential. For us, each child is very valuable and we want to take care of them and accompany them in whatever they need.


  • How can I help you? Difficulties in managing emotions, fears and phobias, anxiety, behavioural problems, difficulties in social relationships…

Modalities: In-person (Girona)

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  • Here at Psikeduca, we know that teenage years are full of transformation and change in which, sometimes, good psychotherapeutic support is necessary.
  • At Psikeduca, we aim to create a safe and supportive space in which teenagers can explore their thoughts and emotions without fear, develop healthy coping strategies, and gradually build their identity and purpose.
  • How can I help you? Anxiety, self-imposed expectations and perfectionism, fears, feeling down or depressed, demotivation, self-esteem, body image, difficulties in relationships, self-harm…

Modalities:  In-person (Girona)  | Online

Languages: English | Catalan | Spanish


Young Adults

  • At Psikeduca, we understand that young adults are in a stage of life full of changes and transitions, and we are here to help you navigate this stage in the best possible way.
  • Do you have difficulties in your relationships with others? Do you feel that anxiety overwhelms you and prevents you from living life to the full? Do you see the future in a negative light? Do you have doubts about what to study/where to work? Has your inner dialogue become a nightmare for you? Do your self-imposed expectations cause you discomfort? We can help you with all of this. 
  • We want this to become your safe space in which you can explore your life story, understand your current difficulties, and learn new strategies that allow you to live a life more aligned with your values.



Modalities: In-person (Girona) | Online

Languages: English | Catalan | Spanish


  • If you have recently arrived from another country to Spain (or specifically to Girona), you are probably dealing with stressful situations related to living in a new culture. 
  • As someone who has also lived in different countries and has first-hand experience of the difficulties this entails, and with my training and experience as a psychologist, I can help you cope with these situations more easily and with greater resilience.
  • I want you to find a safe space at Psikeduca where you can feel at home. Here, we work together to develop a psychotherapeutic plan that focuses on your goals and preferences.

Modalities: In-person (Girona)  | Online

Languages: English | Catalan | Spanish